Simple Lift Log
A simple way to plan and log your strength exercises.

Quickly Plan Your Routines
Quickly... enter strength exercises without being bogged down in selecting a program or navigating through menus. If you've done the routine before but just need to change the weights you can copy a previous workout and quickly adjust the weights. Small modifications like adding set is a tap away. Adding completely new workouts has been streamlined as well. The system will try to autocomplete the name of the exercise to save on typing and also fill in the muscle group for you. If Simple Lift Log hasn't seen the exercise before, it will be learned as soon as you select a muscle group, which can be done in 2 taps.

Runkeeper Integration
After completing an activity you can post it to Runkeeper to take advantage of their graphing and sharing tools. If you already have strength activities posted to Runkeeper, you can download them to Simple Lift Log, either on every application launch, or as needed.