Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete workouts, exercises or sets?
Simple Lift Log uses the "swipe left" gesture to initiate a delete action. Swipe left over the workout, exercise or set you wish to delete and tap the delete button that appears.

How do I select a muscle group for an exercise?
Tap on the picture of a person next to the exercise name, then tap on the picture of the person that has the appropriate muscle group highlighted.

How do I use one workout as a template for another workout?
From the workouts screen tap the "copy" button of the workout you would like to use as a template for another workout.

Runkeeper Integration
How do I post an activity to Runkeeper?
Connect your Runkeeper account by tapping the settings button at the bottom then tap the "Connect to Runkeeper" slider. After logging into your account the "Post" button in the workout screen will be enabled.

How do I keep Simple Lift Log up to date with Runkeeper entries made outside of Simple Lift Log?
This can be done by clicking on the settings tab, turning on the "Connect to Runkeeper" using the slider and turning on "Runkeeper Autodownload" using the slider. Runkeeper will be queried every launch of Simple Lift Log and download any new activities that m ay be there. Make sure that "Connect to Runkeeper" is enabled first.

How do I update an entry already posted to Runkeeper with new data?
Unfortunately, unlike running activities, Runkeeper does not seem to allow modifications to strength activities once they are already posted. As such, any modifications you make to these workouts will stay on your device only.

Why did the completion date change after posting to Runkeeper?
Runkeeper does not appear to allow specifying the time and date that a strength activity occurred. Instead, it uses whatever the time and date is when the activity is posted. The time and date of the activity is modified locally to match.

What exercise types does auto-complete recognize?
On initial download, Simple Lift Log will recognize the name and muscle group for all of Runkeeper's primary types. Any types you wish to add can be done by selecting a muscle group after entering your exercise's name.

Why aren't my lifts being counted toward the total monthly lifted?
Only completed sets count toward the total amount lifted. Tap on the set to indicate that it is complete and a checkmark will appear next to it. After this, it will be considered a complete set and show up on the monthly stats.

Why is "post" greyed out on the workout creation screen?
Post will only be enabled if "Connect to Runkeeper" is enabled in the settings and the activity has not been previously posted to Runkeeper. If you would like to add exercises to the routine and post it, you can copy it from the workout selection screen and edit and post the new workout. This is because Runkeeper does not accept updates to strength activities, so each activity can only be posted once.